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26th Mar 2021

How to embody your spirit and unearth your true nature (with Sonia Choquette)

Sonia Choquette is probably the biggest single influence on my spiritual journey of the last 15 years. She is an internationally renowned Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Guide and one of Hay House's biggest authors.

Of course, when I started this podcast, I couldn't wait to get Sonia on here. And it turned out to be a real treat! Recorded in late 2020, we talked about why we are all being called back to Nature and why COVID19 is so pivotal in our spiritual development as human.

As a person, Sonia is beautifully warm and radiantly alive. She truly walks her talk. As a teacher, Sonia is fierce, inspirational and eminently practical. To her, everyone has a beautiful spirit, a divine birthright and soul-level gifts.

In this conversation, we particularly cover:

  • Why Nature is so important for the human spirit
  • How to recognise the difference between your mind and your spirit
  • How to retrain your ego mind
  • Learn what nature and the divine mother can do for you
  • How fear and anxiety have a different signature to inner guidance
  • What vibration actually is and how it shows up
  • Why COVID has actually accelerated our spiritual growth and development
  • Who the post-COVID game changers are going to be

Sonia's revised version of Ask Your Guides mentioned in the podcast is now out and available here.

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