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5th Jan 2021

How to find Freedom in Nature (with Micah Mortali)

Welcome to 2021! I am sure that after all the craziness, weirdness and restriction of 2020, the thought of more FREEDOM in this year will appeal to you.

Micah Mortali contends that one of our biggest pathways to freedom and growth is through nature. As an author, outdoor guide and director at Kripalu, his life’s work is reconnecting modern people with the restorative powers of nature through mindfulness in the great outdoors.

In this episode we discuss why technology drives our need to connect with the ‘more than human’ world, how Covid19 actually drew many people back to nature and why spending time in nature has so many tangible benefits.

We finish off discussing tools and practices that Micah teaches in his book - Rewilding – that we can use, even if we live in cities, to find freedom through nature every single day.

You can find out more about Micah and his work at https://micahmortali.com.

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