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17th Jun 2021

Holistic activism and dialoguing with the Earth (with Lilith Joanna Flanagan)

How do you do take holistic heart-centred environmental action AND collaborate with the planet?

So many activists are eco-warriors who burn out fighting the good fight. Equally many big business are embracing things like net-zero carbon emissions, but take a distinctly analytical and technological approach, meaning caring for the planet becomes just another thing for the to-do list.

Either way, activism is often something we do TO the Earth. Lilith Flanagan contends that there is another way - a way where we dialogue with the Earth to create collaborative cohabitation with the planet.

Rooted in coaching, purpose and process work, Lilith works with activists and leaders to get the input of the Earth into what to do to serve the planet. This leads not only to a wider perspective, but also to all kinds of creativity and innovation in our activism. It also means that we are operating from heart as well as head.

I love what Lilith is up-to in the world, so much so that we co-created a holistic activism programme together. Wise, compassionate and visionary, Lilith has played a huge role in my personal growth and I am delighted to have her share her wisdom with us.

On this podcast, we talk about:

  • Why so much activism is ineffective
  • Seeing our selves as part of the ecosystem rather than separate from it increases the effectiveness of our action
  • Doing so, also prevents burnout
  • Techniques for diving into your own unique activist calling
  • How dialoguing with the Earth and members of the natural world can open up avenues of actions that we may not have considered
  • The benefits of taking a heart-centred approach to activism
  • And so much more!

About this week's guest:

Lilith is the author of the Environmental Coaching methodology and founder of Evolution Coaching Academy.  

Lilith integrated her ICF MCC credential with MSc Holistic Science, MBA and MA Economics in Banking and Finance. She worked in senior leadership roles with ING and FUJITSU (formerly ICL).  She coached individuals and teams in global organisations including IBM, Orange, Groupon, Coca-Cola, AVIVA, RWE as well as NGOs, schools and local communities. 

She supported the coaching profession in ICF leadership roles in multiple countries and serves as an ICF Assessor.

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