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6th May 2021

The return of the Wise Woman (with Diana Frajman)

Sometimes Life really does conspire to bring someone into your life and that is exactly what it did for me with Diana Frajman, my 'witchy sister' from British Columbia.

Diana is the walking example of a Crone - a vibrant Wise Woman, full of life, magic and healing. In a world obsessed with youth, Diana celebrates the wisdom and power that comes with age.

Diana works as a mentor and intuitive guide to post-menopausal women, who for the first time in their life,have the time, space and resources to follow their own heart. She teaches them how to find their power and share their wisdom. She also mentors younger women to be more self-accepting and self-loving.

As a person, Diana is deceptive! She might look warm, caring and charming (and she is!), but she is also an absolute powerhouse - perceptive, sagacious and courageous. She regularly holds my feet to the fire...and I couldn't be more grateful to her if I tried.

In this conversation, we talked about:

  • Gaining the confidence to believe in yourself
  • Putting yourself first again
  • Getting past the social expectations of being female
  • Journeying into the 'me first' stage of your life
  • Recognising the signs when they stare you in the face
  • Valuing and celebrating the Crone
  • What the Crone can offer younger women
  • Can mentoring be a valuable 360 degrees experience?
  • Wisdom for women coming into their Cronedom

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